My PhpStorm Customisations and Settings

This note was updated on 26 May, 2024 at 09:28.

Maybe one day I’ll get round to using a settings repository, but for the moment going through this list with a fresh installation of PhpStorm takes a couple of minutes, so eh.

Note: The search functionality in PhpStorm’s Settings window is pretty good, so I haven’t included the whole hierarchy of menus you need to drill down to find a particular setting. Use the setting name formatted in italics as the search term.


In addition to the plugins that come bundled with PhpStorm, I also use IdeaVim (because I’m one of those people), Key Promoter X, and Laravel Idea.

Removing as much of the interface as possible

I’m also one of these people.

If using the New UI Beta:

IdeaVim customisations and settings

Miscellaneous customisations and settings