Open-source Stuff

Here are some things I’ve written.

toolbox-sass (2019)

A hodgepodge of web-development-related stuff.

setup (2018)

A mess of Ansible playbooks and roles that I use to provision and maintain my personal development environment and a couple of servers that I host this and a few other small websites on.

FlippyWindow (2016)

FlippyWindow is a simple Windows application that non-destructively flips any part of your screen horizontally. To find out more, check out the FlippyWindow website.

Bastard Snake (2013)

A snake clone that doesn’t want you getting many points.

robotinaponcho (2013)

The source code to my personal website.

brainfuck (2012)

A simple brainfuck interpreter written in C.

toolbox (2012)

This repository is where any convenience and helper scripts that don’t warrant their own repository end up.

Miscellaneous things

Abandoned and deprecated projects

The following projects are no longer being worked on: