Damien Dart

Open-source stuff

toolbox-sass (2019)

Assorted Sass bits-and-pieces.

setup (2018)

A bunch of Ansible stuff I use to setup various things.

FlippyWindow (2016)

FlippyWindow is a simple Windows application that non-destructively flips any part of your screen horizontally.

notes (2014)

Notes on stuff.

Bastard Snake (2013)

A snake clone that doesn't want you getting many points.

nfsnapi-python (2013)

A simple Python package that makes using the NearlyFreeSpeech.NET API a little easier.

obtaincornhoop (2013)

The retired theme for my Tumblr-powered weblog, written in Haml and Sass.

robotinaponcho (2013)

The source code to my personal website.

brainfuck (2012)

A simple brainfuck interpreter written in C.

toolbox (2012)

Miscellaneous bits and pieces.

knr-solutions (2011)

My solutions to the exercises in The C Programming Language (Second Edition).