A Basic White Loaf Recipe

This note was updated at 11/12/2022 12:47.

This recipe won’t produce anything award-winning, but when I feel like baking this will create a decent loaf without too much faff.


Ingredient Baker’s Percentage Example
Strong white bread flour 100% 500 g
Tepid water 60% 300 ml
A sachet of dried yeast 1.4% 7 g
Fine salt 2% 10 g
Olive oil 2% 10 ml

You’ll also need a little extra olive oil for coating your proofing vessel.


  1. Chuck everything into a stand mixer set up with a dough hook and knead on a medium speed for two minutes. Increase the speed a notch and knead for an additional three minutes.
  2. Take the dough out, lightly oil the stand mixer bowl, and plop the dough back in. Use the oil to coat the dough to prevent it from drying out. Cover the bowl with cling film or a towel and let the dough rise until it has doubled in size (this can be done overnight in the fridge if time allows).
  3. Empty the bowl onto a lightly-dusted surface and knead the dough for a minute.
  4. Shape the dough as required (I put mine in a lightly-floured loaf tin). Cover with a tea towel and let it prove until it has doubled in size.
  5. While the dough is proving for a second time, whack the oven on as high it’ll go with a pizza stone, if you have one, and an empty loaf tin on the middle shelf.
  6. When the dough is ready to be baked, add your toppings and make a few cuts on the top with a bread knife. Boil some water.
  7. Working quickly, place your dough onto the pizza stone and pour the boiling water into the empty loaf tin. Close the oven and let the bread bake for 10 minutes before turning the oven temperature down to 180 °C (assuming a fan-assisted oven) and continuing to bake for another 35 minutes.
  8. Transfer the loaf to a wire rack to cool.