Updating Docker Containers with Docker Compose

This note was updated on 02 Jul, 2024 at 22:03.

I use Docker Compose to manage the Docker containers I run on my Synology DiskStation. If there are changes to docker-composer.yml that need deploying or the containers currently running need updating, the following will ensure everything is up-to-date and any detritus is cleared up:

$ docker-compose pull
$ docker-compose up -d --build --force-recreate --remove-orphans
$ docker image prune -f
$ docker volume ls -f dangling=true
$ # If dangling volumes exist, remove them with "docker volume prune -f".

You may need to run these commands with sudo. The Docker documentation has more information on pruning unused Docker objects if the above pruning commands don’t go far enough.

If, like me, you’re running these commands on a DiskStation, you can safely ignore any “Docker container stopped unexpectedly” notifications from DiskStation Manager.